9.21.2011 Going Italian, the Chinese Way

Gaaah the school internet is killing me.  Major backlog!  Anyway, today was Wednesday, meaning… date day! 🙂 We were both craving some cheapo Italian food, and so we went to (almost) every Guangzhou foreign student’s favorite restaurant – Saizeriya. (I know a lot of my GZ friends will find these pictures ALL TOO FAMILIAR.)

With matching employment offer pa below the sign!

As written below, legend has it that if you put your hand inside the Bocca della Verita’s mouth and you’re telling a lie, it’s gonna eat it up. Oooh.

Ring for service – definitely good.

Karen with her favorite, chicken pops

Chicken with vegetable salsa.  I get this every time I come to Saizeriya.

Because I love it too much.

Neat and clean! 😉


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