9.10.2011 Random Products

Wala lang, just ketchup for kids.  I know it’s not the best example of marketing, but reminds me of how much I admire people in the business.  The creativity that they come up with at times is simply amazing.

Bought something from EcoTools today, and I am so in love with it.  The best part is, it’s (as seen above) earth-friendly.  I read every description available about it, and it’s admirable how the best eco-friendly and reusable products are used to create something still very much gorgeous.  Shows that beauty doesn’t have to destroy the earth we live in.

Best of all, I just LOVE getting a deal!  Was at Mannings (a store similar to Watson’s, but awesome nevertheless) sometime this week, and I remember complaining to Karen about how I couldn’t find a good moisturizer for this upcoming winter.  And ta-da, this thing shows itself to me.  Dr. Li’s a pretty good brand, and I’m excited to try this out.  Best of all, it just costs 10 RMB (around 65 pesos).  See? 😀



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