9.11.2011 A 9/11 Birthday

My classmate Jerry (a.k.a. Amah) from Indonesia celebrated her 21nd birthday on this day.  She and another classmate, Toni, were born on the date which, after 12 years, Americans and a lot of people around the world still commemorate – 9/11.  But then, birthdays are for celebrations!

Korean beef pot with noodles and vegetables and stuff

Korean sauteed rice cake

Yummy Korean egg rolls

The beautiful birthday celebrant, Jerry

Korean grilled beef for the win!  I had the most of this.

They translated it into Chinese as “golden chicken”.  Nothing so golden about this one though.  😀

The quaint little Korean joint.  Rar for poor lighting.




2 thoughts on “9.11.2011 A 9/11 Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! 9/11 is a tough day to have a birthday because everyone focuses on something other then your celebration… at least in the US. You birthday feast looks fabulous! I truly hope you had a great day! Best wishes – Hedde (from the US)

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