September 7, 2011 (Wednesday)

Yay no more backlog! :p  (For now.)

Photo-heavy post, so please do wait a while.  (Heavily edited na, and STILL 20+ photos!)  Today, my friend Karen & I decided to go out & walkin’ since we didn’t have class for the whole day.  (FREE WEDNESDAYS ROOOOCK!)  So, in photos:

The entrance to Jusco (department store and more)

Blurry, I know.  Our first time to eat at Steinburg. (Our juniors discovered it waaaay before us!)

Plush interiors

The beautiful Karen and her cream spaghetti

My beef curry before…

…and after the storm.  😮  (I seriously loathe bell peppers.  It was a really filling meal though, praise God!)

Off to Ikea, for the nth time.  We never get sick of the place, though.

Billy bookshelves, an Ikea staple.

Ooooh green.  My mom’s gonna love this.

Swedish meatballs, one among the many yummy items at the Café.  The awesome thing is, most of the food in the menu go half-price at a certain time during weekends.  SUCH A STEAL.  So… time to pig out!  😀

Awesome KA-POW!-ish headboard going on there.

Colorful bath sponges.

Fabrics galooore.  I wanna take some home.

Clocks on the wall.  What I LOVE about Ikea is that SO much of its stuff is super affordable.  Great quality pa!  I really wish it would open in the Philippines.

Light up my life.

Because lamps don’t have to be boring.

On to the picture frames section, people!

I really love how they changed up its look this time.

The right pictures and color tones make it look oh-so-amazing.  SO much better to see in person.

For the black-and-white fans.

Whew!  Mission accomplished.  🙂

All the worldwide hype for Ikea is not for nothing.  I’m really thankful that a noisy & polluted city like Guangzhou (hahaha) would still be blessed with the presence of a huge, blue Ikea building!  😀



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