September 4, 2011 (Sunday)

How old is “too old?”  It’s something that’s been debated for the longest time ever.  Case in point: we still see late 20-somethings or people going 40 who still have stuffed toys and plushies still holding their place as cherished possessions among all the other more “mature” stuff.  So the question is: how old is too old for these toys?  Immature or not?

I’ll leave that to the more serious debaters.  As for me, I’m 20, and although I gave away most of my little stuffed toys to younger juniors who would still find it in their heart to appreciate it (I stopped having feelings for a little green octopus years ago), I still keep a few.  Namely, a panda and a hamster.  More than the cute factor, it’s the memories that come with it.  (The panda being a souvenir for myself after God blessed me with the opportunity to go on a free trip to Chengdu, home of the pandas)

Karine’s adorable purple ball.  Not furry at all, but the face spells WINNER.

As for the hamster, it’s actually a gift from my senior, Giselle.  The picture doesn’t do it justice but AAAAAH.  In the words of Rachel Zoe, I die.

Hamster butt!  😀

Okay, here’s my point: it’s not a sin to hold on to these stuff.  Don’t judge people by the proportion of their age and the number of toys they own.  If it holds a certain special meaning to you, then why not?



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