September 3, 2011 (Saturday)

The day after moving into our new dorm, we woke up from our new beds for the first time.  Naturally, one couldn’t help but appreciate the new & improved stuff in life.  And as I went to put the finishing touches on my new & improved (and most importantly, NEAT) table, I found this:

Paul Smith = forever love ❤

Ta-da!  What else but a Paul Smith notebook I picked up at the stationery bazaar that comes every now and then by our school.  Amidst all the gorgeous stuff (I am SUCH a sucker for stationery), this little gem caught my attention and, even if I didn’t need another little notebook in my possessions (God knows how many unused “pretty little stuff” I still have stashed in my drawer), I got it anyway.  It was actually purchased a little over half a year ago, and it’s amazing how I completely forgot about it.  My brain’s screaming: how could you?!

So I put it on my table where I could see it.  Now if I need to note something, I put it here and not on little sheets of paper that always get lost.

People have a lot of opinions on buying more stuff than you actually need.  I do try to control myself too.  But guess what?  I’m not regretting this one bit.  😀

Paul Smith, mabuhay ka!  I really love your aesthetic.



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