September 2, 2011 (Friday)

The big day!

After more than a week of delay, we FINALLY moved into our new dormitory. Yeah yeah, sounds really simple but as with someone who’s accumulated more stuff in the span of 3 years than one’s supposed to, the whole process was really tedious. Back-bending, bone-breaking, mind-blowing. The distance from our old dorm to the new one didn’t help either. I can’t really express myself in meters or whatever but it’s definitely looooong.

But then, on the positive side, I had it easy. Someone was there to readily help me with all the heavy stuff, even if he himself hasn’t even moved in yet! 😮 He can’t read English that well (hahaha) but I hope he knows that I really, really APPRECIATE it!

All in all it went really smoothly. Well, except for the fact that Chinese movers have an almost fetish-like tendency to throw your things into another place when clearly, they have the capability to put it in a normal and safe way. I swear, among all the movers I observed that day, half of them were smiling/smirking while throwing all our stuff into the airrrr. Gosh.

And thanks to my “assistant”, I got a head start into our room and organizing stuff. When my other 3 roomies arrived, needless to say, all hell broke loose:

Indonesian roomies, Xiaoqi and the ever-smiling Nia

Karine :p

And my table, pre-production 😀

I usually enjoy fixing up and organizing stuff in a space, but having ALL our stuff was definitely much to handle in one day.  We got into our room at around 3:30pm and finished everything – clothes, food, all the other stuff, and general cleaning – at 2am.  Unimaginable.

But then, you know what?  The thing is, we got to experience life in a new dorm.  Along with all its ups and downs, it’s a great place to live in.  Thank You, Lord.  🙂



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