September 1, 2011 (Thursday)

One night before the awesome announcement that we were FINALLY going to move to our new dormitory, my dearest roommate (from Madagascar, no less) Karine & I decided to have girls’ night once again. Because really, life is too short and precious to spend most of your days inside your dormitory room. :p

So since most of our stuff wasn’t out yet, we decided to go somewhere familiar: Grandview Mall or 正佳广场 in Guangzhou, China. Our primary goal was actually shopping, but unlike most of the shopper-happy-girls-who-starve-themselves-to-fit-into-ridiculously-tight-outfits we know, our stomach won in the end. 😀 (As always)

Result: After a very filling & delicious meal at a Japanese joint and some customary shopping, Karine wanted some frozen yogurt and so we found… Hey YO! (Ingenious name, riiiiight.)

We grossly miscalculated the price and ended up paying much more than what we expected. So yes, kahit dito, frozen yogurt is PRI-CEY. (FYI: Their marshmallows have been air-dried for quite some time, making them even harder than the Oreo cookies. And their candy sprinkles taste awful. DON’T TRY IT!) But on the bright side, we discovered that cornflakes and raisins actually go well with yogurt. 😀

Have any memorable fro-yo experiences? 🙂



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