Yay for new inspiration!

After reading countless themed blogs and wondering what the hell to do with my life as the school put a temporary pause on our moving-to-a-new-dormitory plans, inspiration finally struck.

THAT’S IT! I know what to write about now!

I realized that, even without my appreciating it, a lot (and I mean tons) of special things happen in my life each and every day.  I may not be as blessed as I ideally want to be, but I do have more than what I need.  At the end of the day, that’s more than enough.

And to top it all, God loves me so much (isn’t that amazing?) that He decides to send SO many amazing individuals and events along my way, just to spice it all up.  Would be such a waste to just live and forget it, wouldn’t it?

So, with the help of my trusty Blackberry Pearl (pretty ancient by today’s BB standards, I know.  The darn thing can’t even get its Wi-Fi straight) and a white Kodak digital camera (this one is hideously slow in between shots.  My friend told me that for a follow-up shot, his friends had to smile till their teeth were air-dried.  That’s how slow it is), I commit (and hope to follow up on that commitment) to take at least one picture each day, in order to highlight and remind myself of all the blessings that God gives me each and every day.

Because of certain commitments, I might have blog backlog, but the pictures shall be taken.  :p  Now right after making this new commitment, off I go to organize all my stuff for moving to a new dormitory!  First backlog for the blog :p

See you in a few days!


P.S. a gorgeous picture to cheer up your day:

I love colours and whimsy.


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