Grab a kimono, there.

This weekend was really awesome.  Friday, I got to have a date with someone who I haven’t seen in a loooong time (okay, make that three years).  I didn’t recognize Yuri a.k.a. Hotness as I met him across the street (you know why, dear 😉  haha) but it was all joyful nowadays.  A few hours at Serenitea at Robinson’s Ermita definitely wasn’t enough for those three years, but sufficed for the day though.  🙂  Nice seeing you, dear!

Yuvjh has a review of Serenitea at his blog, Lost Tsinelas.

And while I don’t have personal photos of the place, Saturday hang-out was no different.  I was equally excited for this one, as my dearest friend in the whole wide world Patty was going to host this pre-Valentine’s event with the rest of our D-group girls.  (D-group stands for discipleship group, btw.  Check for more details)  Venue was changed from the original Café Breton to Kimono Ken, all at the Podium, Ortigas, Manila.  Never mind the venue, any place where I could be with the girls I love the most is fine.  ♥

Photo from Open Rice

Kimono Ken, in my opinion, can be classified as another Japanese restaurant with simple but effective interiors which can effectively cure a craving for Japanese munchies.  We had our event inside their function room (waaay inside the restaurant) which had minty green walls and, to one side, a whole wall with these large pictures of flowers: which, strangely, reminded me of Shu Uemura (maybe it’s because of their past Shu by Ai collection).  Basta, it was gorgeous and pleasing to look at.  I’m beating myself up right now for not having taken a picture of it myself.

In GZ, we had this cheap sushi joint we used to frequent.  Coming back to PH usually means missing sushi.  Not anymore!  :p  Their California Maki is simple, but good. (Photo from Jellybelly’s Daily Dish blog)

We also had this vegetable salad with crab (didn’t really bother to check on their menu names anymore) and fried rice for each on a bowl which was gooood.  Haha.  As my friend said, you could just eat it alone!

And yeah, between the chatting and the sharing, my eating was pretty paced.  So before I could finish my bowl and my portion of the viands, I discovered that I was already pretty full.  😀  So what they say about taking small bites, waiting until you’re finished chewing and all of that actually works, eh?

So this is what you’re gonna look for in the 5th floor of the Podium. (Photo from Jellybelly’s Daily Dish blog)

So there it was, a lovely afternoon with my girls.  Aside from Rosee (ohh Patitay was absent ;( ), I got to met lovely gals Cecille and April (who ironically reminds me of Feona, a friend during DLSU days).  Twas sooo nice to be able to meet the new girls in our D-group!  Finally, I don’t feel so outsider-ish anymore :p  After all the other girls have gone, the four of us just stayed behind and chatted.  Ohhh how I missed bonding time and fellowship with the girls!  😦  All while devouring the remaining tonkatsu and crab salads.  Hahaha.  Praise God for this wonderful opportunity!

And oh yeah, for something random.  I was wearing a gray blouse to the event, which required anything pink, white, or red.  On the way to Kimono Ken, my money-spending tendencies soon directed me to Topshop, which was having this buy-one-get-one-free sale.  And so I snapped up a few basics,  one of which was a long pink flowy tank.  🙂  Love.  And!  Trivia of the day: Topshop’s clothes are made in Mauritius.  Whoa.

The fabulous weekend was capped off by Sunday, where we went to CCF and listened to a wonderful Valentines’ Day message by Pastor Peter.  In everything you do, do it with love, people 🙂  Frankly there were a lot of times where I was super natatamaan.  Haha!  It’s excruciatingly hard to love the unlovables, but it’s there where our faith and character, as well as our ability to love, is tested.  🙂 After the service, I finally got rid of the two 茉莉蜜茶 that has been standing by in our house for the past month (hahaha joking) when it finally found its owner, Von.  Bon voyage, payatot!

Whew.  Who knew God would squeeze sooo many things into three days?  🙂


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