My interest’s piqued.

Behold, my latest “coolest-site-ever” moment starts here.  😀

The idea of Pinterest ( is like having an online inspiration board for yourself, pretty much like you having your own corkboard from the good ol’ days, this time only classier and more convenient.  Following a minimalist theme with clean & crisp lines and styles, the only requirements for you to join in the fun is 1) have an invite from someone already in the site (like meeee!)  haha and 2) keep your posts and pictures in sync with the site’s theme.  No spammers, jejemons and other cheap, chupipay people allowed!  :p

To be honest, I didn’t completely grasp the concept at first.  But yeah, it’s actually pretty cool.  The categories to pin stuff on are completely up to you, and once you have a comprehensive list of pins going (unlike me 😦 ), then it’s just going to look really posh and gorgeous. 🙂

Tell me if you want an invite 😀  happy pinning!


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