Hello WordPress…

So yeah, ever since I started reading friends’ blogs and those other really awesome blogs featuring almost anything, I decided that: since it’s the new year, it’s time for a decent resolution!  One that you know at the back of your head that you could accomplish with just the right amount of resolve.  So, ta-da!  I’m blogging again, in what seems like forever.

I don’t know, I guess my aim for this one is, as usual, to be a space for those everyday stuff I encounter which makes me go, “oh, I wanna blog about this later” but didn’t get to do because well, I was too lazy to continue writing another blog.  But actually, once you start and stuff, keeping a blog is actually something really refreshing and rewarding.   Even if we say that no one reads or stuff, the mere fact of having a creative writing outlet makes me happy enough 🙂  I actually had a Multiply blog successfully up and running during the course of my three years in La Salle, so the good feeling’s quite familiar.

Anyway, on to the good stuff.  Right now I just finished the whole customizations and stuff (urgh CSS makes me dizzy) and I actually have nothing of particular importance to blog about now (as the abovementioned random inspiration strikes).  It’s February 2011 right now, which made me take a peek at my photo archives for something from the same month of last year.  And bingo…

Hahaha.  That’s my Malaysian friend/classmate/dear roommate Hong Yao (a.k.a. Crystal) enjoying her Subway sandwich.  I think Subway just opened that time quite the short walking distance from our school at Guangzhou so we were pretty excited about that.  Because well, you hardly see Subway in the Philippines.  For China, the price hovers a bit above reasonable, as prices can range from 20 to 40 RMB per sandwich, depending on your customizations.  It’s good for an occasional treat for yourself or a date with friends.  🙂

So there!  See, it feels really good to be back blogging.  I think I won’t be abandoning this 2011 project even if I’m back in GZ  🙂  God bless, everyone!



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